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6 Ideas to Earn Income Right Now- During Covid-19 Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted the lives of people across the world — including the millions of people in the US who’ve lost their jobs. If you’re among them and need income urgently, here are six ideas for earning money right now that might help.

Become a virtual tutor

Schools across the country are closed. As parents and teachers work together to keep their children’s educations moving, virtual tutors are a resource they can turn to for help. Sites like VIPKid and others can pay up to $22 an hour — and you can work where and when you want.

Be a virtual assistant

A virtual assistant is similar to a traditional workplace assistant, except they operate remotely and often on a part-time, contract basis. A lot of entrepreneurs and small businesses, especially, hire virtual assistants to help them manage their daily business operations. These roles hit all the marks: flexible, remote, and they can pay well. You can even get started through TaskRabbit.

Seek out freelance projects

Of course, we couldn’t leave this one off the list. If you have any special skills that others might need right now — proofreading, transcription, resume review, graphic design, writing, social media management, even data entry — it’s worth looking for opportunities. That could mean short-term gigs, contract work, or even complete, one-off projects.

Companies like Fiverr and Upwork can make it easier to find this kind of work. Post on LinkedIn that you’re looking for gigs (you never know who might need help with something). And poke around for any online networking communities to join where people post opportunities.

Apply for customer service roles

As “business as usual” is disrupted for many companies, more customer service positions may open up to combat the influx of questions. These roles are often remote and flexible.

Apply for other remote jobs that you qualify for

More employers are hiring remotely, possibly even when they didn’t before. And some businesses — such as online learning and remote meeting companies — are finding themselves in need of people right now. Find roles that fit your unique skill set at sites that curate remote opportunities like,, or filter by “remote” on LinkedIn or Indeed.

Search for a job that can’t be done from home

This is a tradeoff you’d have to consider very carefully because of the heightened health risk. But if you really need the income right now, it’s an available option.

For example, with so many people staying home, the need for “essential business” employees like grocery and delivery workers is growing. You could also consider something like in-home childcare — or even pet care if you’re an animal lover (apps like Rover make it easy to connect with people who need help with their pets in your area).

Source: Thank you ElleVest


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